Programme Overview

  1. House Purchase
    An approved participant is allowed to purchase a residential house in Sarawak at a minimum price of RM600,000.00 per unit for Kuching and RM500,000.00 per unit for other divisions.
    The purchase of the house is exempted from Foreign Investment Committee (FIC)’s approval.
  1. Domestic help
    Apply for a domestic helper or maid from countries which are permitted subject to the prevailing guidelines by Immigration Department of Malaysia.
  1. Children’s education
    • Applicants are allowed to bring their children who are under 21 years old and unmarried as their dependents under the S-MM2H programme.
    • Children who intend to continue their schooling in Sarawak are required to apply for a Student Pass and should be insured throughout their stay under this programme.

Application process

  • Direct Submission
    • The Applicant must submit the application documents themselves to One-Stop Center MTCP.
    • All applications must be bonded by a sponsor who originated from and is currently staying in Sarawak.
    • The sponsor can only sponsor one (1) application.
    • All information regarding S-MM2H can be downloaded at MTCP website.
  • Assisted Submission
    • Submission of application by third parties for the MM2H programme is only authorised to MM2H Licensed Agents.
    • All applications must be bonded by an MM2H licensed agent that are registered in Sarawak only.
    •  A list of registered MM2H licensed agents is available on the ‘List of Legal Agent for S-MM2H’ page of the MM2H centre website.
      • An S-MM2H Licensed Agent must be registered under a private limited company under Company Act 1965 with RM50,000 paid up capital.
      • All MM2H licensed companies must bear the sign “(MM2H) Sdn Bhd” in their company name.
      • Licensed application through Sistem Pelesenan Industri Pelancongan (SPIP) website:
      • Attend Travel and Tour Managemnt Course (TTMC) organised by certified Institut Latihan Pelancongan (ILP) under MOTAC.
      • The duration for processing is 90 WORKING DAYS. The duration might be longer due to background check and security check by the relevant authorities.