Frequently asked questions


  • Applicants who are 50 years old and above, while spouses (if any) have no age limit; OR
  • Applicants who are 40-50 years old, with investment in real estate, specifically for residential purpose with a total amount at least RM 600,000.00; OR
  • Applicants who are 30-50 years old, who are undergoing long-term medical treatment in Sarawak or have children studying in Sarawak
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement (also known as SPA or S&P)

  • If the applicants apply under the condition of having children studying here in Sarawak, the children must study in Sarawak for them to be eligible for this programme.
  • Principal applicant and spouse/parent(s) of applicant (dependent) must also submit LoGC
  • The applicant can only apply under this condition if he/she is undergoing long-term medical treatment in Sarawak that needs him/her to stay in Sarawak due to frequent travel to Sarawak to receive treatment. To be eligible, the applicant needs to provide the ministry his/her detailed medical report by a certified medical practitioner and medical institution. That medical institution must be located in Sarawak. MTCP will then send the medical reports to the government medical practitioner specialist for their assessment on their eligibility for S-MM2H.


  • Applicants can submit the application at MTCP office at Bangunan Baitulmakmur II, Petrajaya Sarawak.
  • The applicant must attend physically to submit the application or can appoint a registered agent to submit on their behalf.
  • NO, all applications must be submitted physically. Applications by mail will not be accepted to prevent unlicensed agents from submitting on your behalf.
  • Processing takes 90 WORKING DAYS. The duration might be longer due to background and security checks by relevant authorities.
  • Applicants can choose to apply directly or appoint a licensed agent. For direct application, applicants must have a sponsor who is a Sarawakian currently residing in Sarawak.
  • If the applicant cannot find a sponsor, he/she can apply through a licensed agent.


  • Malaysia My Second Home or MM2H is a separate programme run by the Federal Government. The reinstatement of MM2H will be announced by Federal Government.
  • S-MM2H is a 10-year pass. Initially, the pass holder will be given a maximum 5-year pass and need to renew it to claim another 5-year pass.
  • The S-MM2H pass given to the pass holder will follow the expiry date of the passport. If, for example, the passport is only valid for 30 months, the S-MM2H pass given would be for 30 months only. The applicant needs to renew their pass once he/she receives his/her new passport.
  • S-MM2H pass holders need to renew their pass at the immigration office.
  • S-MM2H pass holder can live in Sarawak and must fulfill 30 days a year in Sarawak


  • A fixed deposit amount of RM300,000.00 for couples OR RM150,000.00 for individual;
  • Government-approved Pension Fund with a monthly imbursement of more than RM10,000.00 for couples or RM7000.00 for individuals.
  • Offshore income with a monthly income more than RM10,000.00 for couples or RM7000.00 for
  • NO, property or any other liquid assets cannot be accepted as the financial proof for S-MM2H

  • Applicants can open a Fixed Deposit account in any bank as long as the FD account is opened in any bank branch in Sarawak.
  • Letter from the government verifying that the applicant is receiving the pension and a 3-month bank statement showing that he/she is receive monthly pension under his/her bank account
  • Letter from the company proving that the applicant is working at that company, his/her position and his/her salary, 6-month salary slip and 6- month bank statement showing that he/she is receiving the salary under his/her account.
  • Yes, pass holders need to show the latest bank statement for their Fixed Deposit account or resubmit their documents of financial proof if using their pension or offshore income.


  • BK II form (which can be downloaded from the MTCP website here) and all medical exam results including urine test, blood test etc.
  • Full medical check-up includes X-Ray, Urine, blood test and other tests deemed necessary by the medical practitioner.
  • Medical exams can be done at any certified medical institution in Sarawak. If the medical exams are being done at a private medical institution, the applicant needs to have their medical exam form and results certified by a government doctor at any public hospital or policlinic.
  • NO, only medical exams done in Sarawak will be accepted.
  • Unfortunately, the medical exam is a mandatory requirement that must be done in Sarawak.
  • Yes, pass holder need to show the latest bank statement for the Fixed Deposit or if using the pension or offshore income, the pass holder need to resubmit the financial proof documents.


  • Parent of principal applicant
  • Children of the applicant under 21 years old
  • NO. Dependents will only receive a yearly social pass. For children, he/she/they will still be under student pass or yearly social pass if he/she/they are not studying in Sarawak.
  • Children over 18 years of age who have finished their studies will be under yearly social pass until they reach 21 years old.
  • Yes except for children under student pass


  • YES, providing the pass holder follows the requirement set by the Sarawak Land and Survey Department under the Sarawak Land Code (last reviewed 2019)


  • If the applicant applies for S-MM2H under the condition of having children studying, the children must be studying in Sarawak.
  • NO, the children must already be registered and studying in Sarawak to be eligible for the programme.


S-MM2H pass holders are not allowed to run any businesses or work in Malaysia.

  • Under Section 13 of the Sarawak Land Code, for the Property for Foreign Acquisition (last amendment: May 2019), foreigners can only own the land under the land classification for Mixed Zone for residential purpose only. The value of the house plus land must be RM600,000
  • Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Sarawak (MTCP) Sarawak is the agency responsible for S-MM2H. The Ministry is always a safe place for S-MM2H holders who wish to stay here for longer term compared to other type of tourist visa.
  • Lower living costs in Sarawak, compared to Peninsular states in Malaysia, will be an advantage for participants, especially pensioners with limited economic resources and can further enhance their purchasing power.
  • Sarawak’s infrastructure, amenities, food and property offer pensioners from developed countries a safe and comfortable standard of living.
  • The minimum purchase  price  for  property  in Sarawak for foreigners is lower compared to other states.
  • Sarawak’s crime rate is also lower than most countries while health care services are advanced and private hospitals offer world class treatment at a substantially lower cost with competitive rates than many other countries
  • The island of Borneo is home to the richest rainforest in the world. Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia, stretching some 800km along the northwest coast of Borneo, the third largest island in the world. It’s warm climate has been identified as one of the major advantages to be a reason for participants to take up Sarawak-Malaysia My Second Home (S-MM2H). Sarawak has a strategic location in the center of Southeast Asia and is only a few hours’ flight from top cities of the world like Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Perth, Jakarta, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Hanoi, etc.
  • Sarawak is always looking into increasing international air connectivity into Sarawak. Currently, Sarawak is exploring the possibility of having its own state airline.


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